File-system Working Copy

Inside the Kart repository folder, Kart maintains a file-system working copy where you can see and edit all the files you have checked out. This is the simplest type of working copy and will be familiar to many users from using Git or similar. However, note the following two current limitations to the scope of this working copy type:

  • Kart support for “attached files” is incomplete, so the only files which will be checked out into the working copy are the contents of datasets.

  • There are two types dataset which currently use the file-system working copy: Point Cloud datasets and Raster datasets.

For these reasons, the file-system working copy is not populated in every Kart repository, only those which contain these types of datasets, and the only thing in the working copy will be the tiles of those datasets.

Disk usage

Files currently checked out in the file system working copy, or which have previously been checked out in the file system working copy, may be present in the “LFS cache” that is in the hidden .kart folder in the Kart repository. It is possible to garbage collect the cached files which are currently not being used by running

kart lfs+ gc

For more information on LFS files, see the section on Git LFS.