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Welcome to the Kart documentation. Kart provides distributed version-control for geospatial and tabular data.

Why Kart

  • Built on Git, works like Git - uses standard Git repositories and Git-like CLI commands. If you know Git, you’ll feel right at home with Kart.

  • Your choice of format - supports Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, MySQL and GeoPackage, with more coming soon.

  • Synchronize data - accurately synchronize datasets between systems in seconds. Kart moves and applies a minimal compressed set of changes.

  • Interact directly from within QGIS with the Kart Plugin.

  • And much more…

Project Status

Kart is under rapid development and some APIs and data structures are subject to change. While Kart has undergone considerable testing there is potential for data corrupting bugs. Please use with caution.

Reporting Bugs & Feature Suggestions

Please report bugs and feature suggestions to the Kart issue tracker here. Please include any relevant system information (e.g.operating system) and Kart version (kart --version), and as much information about the issue as possible. Screenshots, debugging outputs and detailed explanations help us fix issues promptly.